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LczBgqcvIt’s been awhile since I have posted anything or sent out regular emails. Over the past couple of months we have moved 1500 miles back to our home town in Maine and are in the process of remodeling the home we bought. With all of that I haven’t had much time to write. I’m starting now to get back on track with writing. Although I may not write every day until all of our work is completed, you can expect to see more writing than I have done recently. I’ve been doing a lot of praying and listening as well as studying and am excited to share some of the things the Lord has been revealing. This particular writing is one I had written in February of this year and it stood out to me again today. I’ve changed some of the content but it still has the same message. Be blessed and never give up!

There’s an old song that we would sing in the church I grew up in and I have not been able to get the words out of my head. They go something like this.

“Don’t give up on the brink of a miracle. Don’t give in God is still on the throne. Don’t give up on the brink of a miracle, don’t give up remember you’re not alone.”

I sense that many of you are in need of a miracle and I want to encourage you not to give up. You have good days and bad, strong days and weak ones but I feel strongly to tell you, don’t give up because you’re on the brink of a miracle!

Whatever you’re in need of has already been taken care of. By His grace you are healed, delivered, and set free. Whatever the need is, God is still on the throne and that miracle belongs to you.


Author: Stephen Young

Stephen’s Gate is a weekly devotion that purposes to encourage people to live the victorious life God has called them to. Stephen grew up in a Christian home and was raised in Church. As a young boy he was very shy and never wanted to be the center of attention, however, he always had the desire to preach and minister to others. God called him into ministry in his late twenties and he has enjoyed every minute of it. Stephen previously served as an Assistant Pastor in Fort Fairfield, Maine before moving to Georgia. Stephen and Kristen have been married for 11 years and have two beautiful girls, Abigail and Sydney.

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