Beep, Beep, Beep….went the machines, as the prayers of the doctor permeated the hallways. This man that lay before him w

as dead–flat lined, just 45 minutes ago. And now, by some higher power, he is alive, with no help of

modern technology, just prayer. In this novel, 45 Minutes, you will be taken on a compelling journey of Anthony Michaels’ life, which is oddly typical until he faces an encounter with eternity. See yourself through the eyes of the characters as you read about painful life lessons, true forgiveness, answered prayers and the love of God that conquers all.



“This book is a truly inspirational story of a man fighting for his life in eternity and the power of forgiveness. Throughout the book you learn about a families struggle with relationships and forgiveness, but that how through God’s love and strength anything is possible. An easy read book that will have you hooked on page one, the author’s style of writing keeps you reading and wondering what will happen next. Great book and HIGHLY recommended for everyone!!” .. Tanya B.


“45 Minutes is a fabulous story about the amazing grace of God and the liberty that comes through forgiveness…both God’s forgiveness towards us and our forgiveness towards others. The author’s writing style pulled me in with every page…it was very hard to put it down once I started. This is a quick, but fascinating, read! A little something for everyone is found in the pages of 45 minutes and could truly change your life. Highly recommended!”..Tiffany D.

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